His Impact on Abortion

What exactly does the president of the U.S. have to do with the abortion laws? According various findings, there are four dominate ways that the president has the ability to sway the abortion rights, the first one being: regulated Medicaid. Over the years, nine states (and counting) have passed laws to ban abortion providers like Planned Parenthood from receiving Medicaid dollars. Throughout this process, the Obama administration has followed in many past presidents footsteps by taking a hard line in discouraging such laws, blocking many from coming into effect.

Another impact the U.S. president has on these rights is the funding for nonprofits that provide abortions abroad. Throughout America’s history, presidents ranging from Ronald Reagan to Barrack Obama have been placed in the hot seat to make the call that will benefit the U.S. in the long  run.

With that, for the most part, abortion decisions are made within the state. Plain and simple. Yet, as always, if the president finds himself questioning and/or disagreeing with the regulations, he has full control to alter the law as he sees fit.

Appointing Supreme Court judges is the last way the president can affect abortion rights, and it is this that can make or break an abortion law.




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